Run Oskee, Run!

Run Oskee, Run!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Teeth cleaning experts!

February is Pet Dental Health Month!!
Cedar loving on her toothpaste!
Really every month should be pet dental health month but February is designated as the month we celebrate the tooth!

I have gone through the importance for dental care before so this time I wanted to show you a different side of our dental procedure and introduce you to our teeth cleaning experts, our technicians!

Holly, Meredith, Cassie, Heather and Tiffany are our technicians at Greenhaven and Prairiehaven. They have a passion for dentistry and take great care of their patients! All are trained in taking dental x-rays and and are experts when it comes to teeth cleaning. From the time you walk in the door until the tail is out the door, these girls are responsible for making sure your pet has the absolute best care while in our hands!

Meet our Dental Technicians!

Pictured here with Schotzi, a very loved boarder at Prairiehaven
"A lot of pet parents don't realize how important dental care is for their pet. Regular oral health exams, as well as, dental cleanings can prevent further health problems and improve the overall quality of life for the pet. A healthy mouth can add 2-4 years to the life of the pet!! Who doesn't want that!!!"
-Cassie Vorachek, CVT

Pictured here with one of her favorite's, Charlie!!
"Oral Health Assessment and treatment procedures are scary to some pet owners because of the anesthesia but Charlie (a senior pet with several health concerns) had his teeth cleaned and 2 minor extractions 1 hour prior to this picture. Delaying this procedure would have caused him more pain, dental infection and more extractions. With 1 day in the hospital his owner kept up on his oral health and that will result in not only a healthier mouth but a healthier heart, liver and kidneys."
-Heather Logan, CVT

Pictured with her cavalier king charles/dachshund mix, Emma
"Preventative oral health care is important to me because it helps my pet live longer by preventing periodontal disease. Simply by brushing my dogs teeth everyday can help lead to a longer and healthier life for my pet."
-Tiffany Kirchgessner, CVT

Pictured below with her red lab named Cedar! Cedar LOVES her doggy tooth paste and can't wait to get her teeth brushed!
"Wet kisses are better with clean chicken Flavor breath!"
-Meredith Weber, CVT

Pictured below with Willie! Notice he is patiently waiting for his mom to let him eat his greenie balancing on his nose!
"Oral care is important to me not only because of the obvious perks but because preventative dental care has many healthy benefits and it has been proven to extend your pet's life!"
-Holly Bell, CVT

Our technicians are AWESOME!!. I hope you liked seeing them with some of their favorite pets and learned a little bit about veterinary dentistry!

Happy dental month! (but don't for get to think about teeth all year!!)

Thank you for reading
Doc E

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