Run Oskee, Run!

Run Oskee, Run!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Behind the Scenes Tour of our Newest Veterinary Hospital, Prairiehaven Anima Hospital

The doctors and staff at Greenhaven and Best Friends are so excited about our newest clinic, Prairiehaven Animal Hospital. Prairiehaven is located in Sherman, Illinois just off the interstate and right next to Fire and Ale! (MMMMmmm yummy!). It is a fully functioning veterinary office equipped to do just about anything veterinary related, including surgery, dental procedures, ultrasound, laser therapy, fear free appointments, etc… We would love to have you stop in at any time to say “Hi”, take a tour and meet our wonderful staff! 

If you can’t make it out to visit us just yet, the following pictures are a mini tour our clinic and a behind the scenes look at our day to day life!

Let the Tour Begin!!

As you walk into the clinic you will first see our receptionists, Kristi and Charlotte! They love to greet the dogs and cats and are always quick to offer treats! Most of the time they know your name before you even walk in the door and can answer or direct you to the correct person to answer any questions you may have!

Next are our exam rooms! We have 5 exam rooms, one of which is dedicated to only cats. This room is kept apart from the other exam rooms to keep it as quiet as possible for those nervous kitties. Below is a picture of our consultation room where we can go over x-rays, bloodwork or extensive treatment plans with owners. Although you can't seen it, there is a comfy couch in this room too (I know, I was sitting on it to take the picture, HeHe)! Most of the exam rooms look the same

Now for the behind the scenes...

Our treatment area is where we perform most of our blood draws, assessments of hospitalized patients, bandage changes, etc...
On the one side you can see a wet table. We this side for large wounds and some of those not so pleasant and messy procedures (Like expressing anal glands). Across from the wet table you can see a regular counter.

Also in our treatment area are the hospital cages. These cages are for the critically ill patients that need extra care and attention. 

Next is the pharmacy. This is a busy spot throughout the day. the technician s make their call backs from and and are ready to prepare any medication refills for the day. 

One of my favorite things at Prairiehaven, and all of our clinics for that matter, is our in house blood machine. The machine will allow us to receive blood work and urinalysis results in a matter of minutes. The is a great diagnostic tool for us to provide the best care to your pet!
 Here is an example of the blood work
Some of the other awesome features of the clinic are the digital radiology room, surgical suite and separate room for surgical dental procedures. 

Digital radiology allows us to have a board certified radiologist at our fingertips. We can take the image at our facility and evaluate the image. If there is something the doctors are questing or want a boarded radiologist to look at we have the ability to easily send the image to them and receive the results in as little as an hour. 
As you can seen in our picture we have a gas anesthesia machine and monitoring equipment. Ever patient is monitored closely during surgery. It is not on the surgery table now but we do have a warming blanket to make sure patient do not get too cold during surgery.  you can also see a funny shaped machine to the right. That is our surgical laser. It allows us to cut using a laser rather than a blade. This cauterizes as it cuts meaning there is less hemorrhage during surgery. All of our cat declaws are done with a surgical laser to limit hemorrhage and promote faster healing.

Having a separate room for dental procedures is great because it keeps all of that bacteria from the mouth in one room. A dogs mouth contains A LOT of bacteria, especially when there is a large amount of tarter build up. Having a private dental room keeps everything contained!

On to boarding and bathing. We have several cage sizes to accommodate all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats too! Cats have access to cubbies so they can hide if they are scared. 

 Cat boarding cages

 The special little cubbie for cats!

Scrub-a-dub-dub this tub even has a ramp for dogs to step up into the tub. 

We even have a play ares for the dogs to get exercise!

Well I think you have about seen it all! We hope all of you like it as much as we do and we can't wait for you to stop by and see us!

Happy Tails!!

Doc E

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  1. This state of the art hospital is absolutely brilliant! Thank you
    So much for creating a facility that is goingbto be so valuable to our
    Furry friends!