Run Oskee, Run!

Run Oskee, Run!

Friday, August 28, 2015


Last Friday was a little slow, at least until 4:30 PM, when three emergencies came in. We were all eager to get out on time but could not help but feel compassion towards our three sickly patients. 

One of our patients was a tiny 10 week old calico kitten a nice couple had found in a ditch just hours before. They knew something was wrong with her eye so they brought her straight in. Upon examining the tiny kitten it was clear she had a severe eye injury  and her eye would need to be removed. The couple who had found here were unable to keep her. This poor thing was without a home but as friendly as could be, even with her injury. 

I knew most shelters were overflowing with cats needing good homes. While we did check with a few shelters, no one could house another kitten, let alone one with an injury. I had a sneaking suspicion that one of our receptionist, Jessica, would be interested in her so I sent her a picture. The poor kitten just looked pitiful in the picture. Her ears were dropping, you could obviously see her injury and she just looked so sad. The sad little kitten eyes must have worked because Jessica fell in love with her!

Over the next few days we cleaned the little kitten up. Applied flea treatment and dewormed her. She had a great personality and purred so loud you could hear her across the room!. The only thing missing was a name. I knew Jessica wanted a name that ended in "I" (no pun intended) and most likely needed to represent her perfect imperfection. After googling 1 eyed animal names (Thanks TJ!!), Winki was a perfect fit!!

When Monday came it was finally time for Winki's surgery to remove her eye. Jessica was there and documented the whole thing with pictures. She even kept Winki's eye lens...

Surgery and recovery went well and I am happy to announce that Winki is now settling in to her new home! She is adjusting well and getting to know her big sister Peggi!!! (Which she is also named for her perfect imperfection, she has a peg leg! hehe) 

I can't say thank you enough top Jessica for rescuing and injured little kitty. It is stories like these that make late nights on Fridays all worth it!

Thanks for reading!!
Doc E